240 Cup "EVO"

Looks great from the back end , how come you’re selling Jimbers?


Why you selling matey??

thats sad news, such a great car and ideal spec.

All these top Exiges are being sold just as the track days are starting,

Good luck with the sale, you might be better off selling all the parts you have added and selling the car as a standard cup car though.

…gotta go racing…! but not in this car!

And guys…I think you’re right. I am contemplating returning it to standard and selling the bits off seperately if I don’t get any offers for the lot.

Daytona Carbon Induction
Daytona Carbon Side Pods
LMS Wheels
2bular GT 8" & De Cat Pipe
Plans Carbon Wing
AP Front Brakes (maybe not)
Reverie Carbon/Alcantara Steering Wheel

And as for the replacement I’m not sure yet! I am sorely tempted by a lotus of some designation OR a JP1 or a Clio Sport Cup Car or a friend is selling a GT3 Cup car…that is unless I can arrive and drive for a year. So I’m looking around. Taking my time.

In the meantime I’ve got to say the car is awesome on track and road and my biggest fear is that nothing will live up to it subsequently.

Plus this is a great forum…I only wish I’d been able toget to know more of you and better…thats not tosay you’ll get rid of me that easily!

I’d be very interested in the;

Daytona Carbon Induction
Daytona Carbon Side Pods
Decat pipe

Just had the rest done at Plans as well as one of their beautifully designed cages fitted. Waiting for a dry day to see if I can get near your time on the track now!



Lovely looking motor. Good luck with the sale.
I would be interested in the wheels.
cheers Ed

I was at Plans yesterday

it was a good time :slight_smile: 4th on the Chart.
IF you are going to sell all the parts I would be interested in the wing Btw.

I Would be interested in the LMS Wheels

Thanks for the interest fella’s. I let you know if/when the bits are available.

MD06…so what time and was I still in 3rd? I still want to go back before I part with the car and have another go on the basis that I now know it a little better? A friend of mine with a blood orange 993 GT2 is there on Friday soi’m looking forward to beign relegated even further!

did not post a time was having the 46MM Ohlins fitted :slight_smile:

will have a go at this in march though.