220S OEM Sports Exhaust or 2bular?

Hello all,

This really is prempting things a little but I have a couple of viewings coming up for some 220S’s. You can probably see from my join date just how long this has been coming, but I’ve worked hard and saved my pennies.

So first things first, they all have the std exhaust and I’d like something a little more purposeful. I’ll only do 2-3 tracks a year (family commitments see to that) and they will all be 100db limits.

So should I get the Lotus Sports Exhaust or a 2bular which I’ve read so much about?

Your collective wisdom is appreciated.

Thanks, Mark.

Jims @ 2bular. The GT3 is the only way to go, you’ll also get to talk over what it is you’re looking for. I’d highly recommend him. Anyway the stage 1 & 2 are rubbish!

You can have a 2bular to your design for the amount of noise you want, or you can have a Lotus one which by all account will fall to bits and be too noisy If you still have or care about your warranty you might want to choose the Lotus but otherwise 2bular all the way. Only downside is you have to wait for Jim as he makes all of them and is very busy…

Yes I suppose I should bear in mind the warrenty but just having looked through Jims site, I felt like a kid in a candy store…oh and I’ll have one of them, one of them…

what is jims site? i too am looking for a pipe in the near future and not sure whether to go for a stage2 or not?

Stage 2 will fall apart! You’ll never go on track days! You’ll go deaf…and so on!

If anyone just want lots of lovely noise and does not plan on doing noise restricted track days I have a second hand 7x18" 2bular for sale, it sounds super but on my S with the sports cat was too loud, on an N/A with a cat it should not be as bad.

I have the lotus one, so far all has been fine with it and its not really noisey, probably similar to my larini on my S2 111s.