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Is this a record for the amount of people on exiges at any one time

Nope just went up to 232

How many registerd users are there

378 the other day

Max users online was 378 @ 15/07/07 10:06 AM

something strange is going on, on sunday it was 31 on the s1 board (ok not so strange9 but when i looked at who was online it said that five registered users and the rest was anonymous (spelling )

What was strange was that on every thread was one anonymous user…

Yeah, sometimes aol causes problems with those logs. Somehow it seems to invent users when there is only one. Not sure how exactly!

Well, being the monumentally sad person that I am, I printscreened the two times I was all alone on Exiges.com�




The cue may be that old bggers like me are heading for , or are in, bed. Or are too pssed to log on.