220 bhp k series engine for sale

scholar built engine and extra close ratio gearbox just removed from my exige.steel crank and rods, baffled sump,reworked head,race liners,carbon airbox,wiring loom etc.Rebuilt by scholar from standard 190 at approx 10000 miles in 2002, rebuilt(refreshed) at approx 11000 miles in 2003,rebuilt at 12000 miles 2004.Engine now on 12300 miles removed from car and ready to go (having Honda sc conversion} Would like to get around �5500 [email protected]

What went wrong with it to have 2 rebuilds in 2k miles?.

nothing wrong,car was raced for 2 seasons and engine rebuilt each year to keep in top spec (money no object to owner).Engine is now fresh and is top notch.

if anybody has any other questions please call me(Mark) on 07974 699353

So mark, you’re going the Honda route after all…

car should be ready this week,can’t wait! K series engine ia great but wanted exrta power and driveability espcially for my wife.