205 tyres for front wheels possible?

Hi @ll, does anyone have 205 tyres on front wheels and does it work?

Wanted to get the hankook R-S2 which is only available in 205 front and 235 rear but I don’t know if this is a good idea

I put them on my old S2 but i had the wider 240R wheels which makes it just possible

i sure is, i have a few mates who put 205’s on the front.
normally kuhmos but i have recently seen dunlops too.

gets rid of the understeer thats for sure.

as soon as my yokos are done i am getting the same 205 kuhmos.

WE saw no fewer than three elises at Hokenhiem last friday which had 205’s on the front and 235’s at the rear !!

thanks guys I’ll go for the Hankook R-S2 then as I need a road tyre… had semislicks the last 10000km but they are finished so fast I will now invest money in driving training first

You tried a search on here? I’m sure Randy or Uldis has dones something with different front sizes.


You tried a search on here?

not yet, will do

I think you will find it was and is Uldis, he found out about these ages ago and has been singing there praises but it has fallen on deaf ears !!!

I think you will find it was and is Uldis

yes, thanks clicky