2022 Tack Days

I know it’s a bit early but booked with Lotus on Track for Croft 1st July 2022 :grin:
Seems ages since my last outing which funnily enough was at Croft in 2018 :roll_eyes: so really looking forward to joining in on a few track events next year. Will be different driving the 111s instead of the 350 Sport though but hopefully still enjoy it.
Has anyone else started making track day plans for next year?

Nothing booked in yet but I consider Croft w/ LoT to be an unmissable event, so I’ll see you there :thumbup:

Yep hopefully see you there, you will probably lap me a few times too :joy:
Always seems to get booked up quickly the LOT event at Croft.

Hi Pete, how are you? I did Croft with LOT for the first time in the summer (absolutely loved it) will certainly try and book on again next year :thumbup:

Thommo? date for the diary??? :wink:


Hi Mark
Yep I am fine thanks, I hope you and the family are keeping well. Croft is a good circuit but I still like Anglesey, hopefully LOT will be doing events there too next year :+1:

Just booked LOT Cadwell for 28th Feb.

Be good to see some of you guys there. We will be stopping over in Horncastle the night prior.

Cadwell in Feb, that’s brave, not in a Caterham but I will be booking Croft with LoT. I really like the club circuits like Cadwell, Croft, CC and Goodwood, despite me being a coward and they all have very little run off there is a good feeling at all of them.

I would like to visit Knockhill again :grinning: really enjoyed it there back in 2011 with my S2 Exige.

Croft LoT is the only one I’ve booked so far. Still no sign of Anglesey May BH, was hoping for that :frowning:

I’m keeping fingers crossed for the usual Anglesey Exiges day - anyone heard anything??

Last year I just asked Paul at Lotus on Track and we just booked through LoT. I think somebody else asked Paul at the same time. I have not spoken with Paul about a day for this year and I think some people last year wanted an exclusive Exiges day. I’ve not got the time to arrange an exclusive day and I think there is quite a financial risk if numbers are low or Covid kicks in.

Cadwell 28 Feb???

Last week of March or first week of April I could drive over :slightly_smiling_face:

Anyone fancy Cadwell 28th Feb with Lotus on Track? Still spaces available.

Also option to join a few of us in The Bull in Horncastle the night prior.

I’m doing Snetterton on the 28th Feb

Donington on 06 MAR 22.

Blyton Park 22nd August :grin:

That’s my birthday! Who is it with?

I’ve booked 3 March at Snetterton and 9 May Cadwell.

Give me a shout if anyone else fancies joining.

Who is the Cadwell day with? :slight_smile: