2016 Goodwood Pics

Few pictures to brighten the day from FOS at the weekend.
Bloody hell it’s a treck from oop north.

I do love seeing these pics. Keep 'em coming

Fantastic,…I wish I’d gone this year.

It feels like a trek from here to Goodwood,…and I live in SW London.

Great pics there, Steve. Good choice of subjects.

Nice Steve thx.

Will post a few more when I get time as Christine took some with camera and she takes way better snaps than me.

And of course there will be no pork based products :slight_smile:

Didnt realise you were there Steve, what day did you go? I was there sunday and like you said a bit of a treck. Loved that Miura even though it was green.


Was there Friday Gav so guess was quieter than weekend. Great weather but car park boggy in morning but ok when we left.

Miura was stunning I wouldn’t have gone for that green either.

Did you park the GTE in the special area?

Yes I paid the extortionate fee for the performance car park, clear entry in and out and close by for when my back starts playing up, which it invariably does after a day on my feet!