2008 Exige S

Hi lads,

Does anyone know if there are any major changes for the 2008 model of the Exige S ?
I heard a roumour but not confirmed that they will have the air bag pack fitted as standard (supper touring pack)?
any info welcome

can we have a 350hp option as well as the air bags please.

When I ordered my new car in June was told that for the 2008 MY all cars would bet the federal dash meaning yes you would get the airbags etc as standard. You may also want to have a look at this:

Thank god I got one of the last with a proper dash then

Snap - Lotus were doing the deal where you bought one pack and got the second one for a fiver. One of the reasons I opted for the Sports and Supersports instead of the Touring and Supertouring just so I didn’t have to put up with the horrible plastic thing.

the federal dash is now in version 2… its actually a lot better… i like most hated version 1, but the plastics are now slightly better quality (altho i still prefer my non-federal dash)

Thanks lads,

That confims the info I received… I suppose that Lotus are putting up the basic price of the Exige S to cover their cost ???