2007 Exige SC Touring Chili Red

I will be selling my EXIGE in the next few weeks if there is any interest from forum members

I have owned it approx 6-7 years from memory and have completed a series of upgrades recently to it.

I have a large file full of receipts and service history as you would wish for but a general overview is as follows

2007 SC Touring in Chilli Red 36k miles covered

MOT but now sorn off the rd

Bilstein 2 way suspension with rear toe link upgrade

race baffled sump

competition clutch

BOE large intercooler

550cc injectors

2.9" pulley on a brand new Monkeywrench supercharger less than 400 miles old. (OEM one became noisy)

full race 2Tubular exhaust from manifold

full wishbone suspension refresh completed less than 400 miles ago. so wishbones blasted, painted in POR15, superflex bushes fitted, new wheel bearing skf each corner. underneath and insides thoroughly cleaned

ECU master control and mapped 400 mils ago. 340bhp output or the real 290bhp at the wheels!

if you want to return to stock I have the original bits which can be done in a day comfortably.

so the supension and perfromance upgrades have all been completed within last 6 months. This is a serious car not for the faint hearted but it is an exige forum so I wont labour on that point.

I’m located in North Yorkshire near scotch corner which is not near scotland before anyone asks. tel 07470680665

34.5k text me for pics


That is lovely, I wish I was in the market right; perfect colour for me.