2006 (white dash) dials pinout

Hi All, I’m hoping to add to my documentation and I’m missing the pinout for the standard binnacle connections. Does anybody know if this is documented somewhere?

Luckily my ECUMaster dash can produce a digital pinout diagram so I could technically reverse engineer my adapter harness… but I’d really not lose an evening doing that. :mrgreen:

Just emailed it to you (googlemail one)
Why didnt you remind me you plonker?

Cheers Dave, received.

I also found this, so if anyone is looking in the future and comes across this thread - this should get you started.

Remember its different on the 2007 onwards cars

Thanks fellas as I’m in need of this info. My car is 2007, but that diagram doesn’t look like it matches my pinout on my car. That diagram is also missing a 3rd wire on the can plug.

3rd wire on can plug is second from the left on the bottom row. C5 red orange wire. If a Federal car, I seem to recall, there is yet another version. Do you have a white or black dash? Airbags or no airbags? Federal, EU or ROW spec car? One plug at the back of the dash or 2?

To be honest this is why we stopped trying to figure out all the different options, and just sold the fully populated 24 way connector, for the end user to play with.

Apologies for drifting slightly off topic but would you be able to share the pinout for a 2008 (black) dash please? I’ve been trying to find it for a while and have struggled.