2006+ ECU Connector Pins

Does anybody know the make/model of the pins in the ECU connector?

There are 8 large pins in each connector, and a load of smaller ones. Radium used to do a full kit of replacement connectors/headers and pins but I can’t see anywhere what the specific pin types are.

I’m weighing up what to do with my EMU black and whether to bother fitting it to the 2-Eleven. To get the most out of it I’ll need to repin a couple of things but that’s a dead end if I can’t source the pins!

As a follow up question, if I can source the pins does anybody know if there are some 2 and 4 way plugs that suit these same pins?

The main maker of the connector housings are Molex, but there are loads of different terminals to suit wire size, crimp size, pin size, etc
See here 0643181011_CRIMP_HOUSINGS-2833651.pdf (mouser.co.uk)
PSA use them for all their ECU/fat controller connections, if you can find a tame dealer and you only need a couple, you may be in luck. You will need to find one that doesn’t ask your registration first! Or you could give them your registration and record the confusion for later enjoyment!
You also need the correct terminal removal tool, which I no longer have, one for each size of terminal sadly.
The last time I searched for them, there was no matching crimp on housing to suit the Lotus ECU side of things, only a solder on PCB connector, which is a little clunky, but functional. It does need sealing up once you are 110% happy with your connections though. Doing this early will make you cry. Lots!
Not sure what you mean about 2/4 way plugs?

Cheers John, I’d come to the same conclusion about the “Lotus Side”, the header pins (is that the right term) are the solder on ones at the back.

My original plan A was to buy the aforementioned solder ones, connect it all up - quadruple check it all and then fill it in with some epoxy or similar. The challenge was then the molex plugs, to fit back into the ECU… those are the bits I’ve really struggled to source. The Radium kits of old seem to have vanished.

I’m now looking at a backup plan B of simply depinning and adding some new pins to the plugs I currently have in place. I only need to change six wires:

x2 new ones need adding into blank ports, these will add to the 4x existing OE Narrowband O2 sensor wires to allow me to run a Wideband sensor. I just need to know specifically what pins to buy to fit into the stock housing.

4x Existing ones will need depinning, these are the 4 wheelspeed sensors. The EMU Black has got no native capacity for these, so these are effectively ‘dead pins’. They’re only used for the more advanced TC systems on the later cars, so was never a concern on my Exige. I’d like to emulate that TC setup, so I have an option to depin these wires, and via another connector (4 way) I could then send them up to my dashboard which does have capacity for 4 digital signals, then present those signals back to the ECU via the CANBUS.

The reason I’d like a 4 way connector, is just to make it so that I can retain the OE pins on the wires, and make it a quick and easy job to return to standard if/when the time comes.

Plan C is to do a variation of Plan A, and sell my 2zz plug and play ECU and buy a generic EMU Black instead. This will ship with the ampseal plugs at the ECU end so all I’ll need to make my patch harness is the solder PCB one that seems to be readily available.

Plan D is to do another variation of Plan A, but waiting for the EMU Pro to release in February.

Finding these pins, and sticking with Plan B could therefor save me a lot of money :laughing:

Best bet is to bring down what you have and we can work out what you want to do. We need to do an order for loads of other Lotus stuff, so should be able to add what you are after onto it.

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