2005 S2 - Low Mileage

Chrome Orange
Touring Pack
Dealer installed Armourfend
RAC Tracker
Stage 1 exhaust
Reverie carbon fibre inductuction
Reverie carbon fibre injector and cam covers
3250 miles
one Andrew Walsh training day, no track days
new A048 rear tyres
decent fronts
Lotus fitted cover
Very near new condition, one or two small stone chips, extremely well taken care of, interior is as new, wheels are as new, recent oil change, FLSH
Selling due to impending move back to the states. Oh well.
I’ll post more pics to my website when the weather clears up. http://homepage.mac.com/rswestling/PhotoAlbum9.html
Spent 35k, looking for 29,250, and not in a rush.

Sorry to hear you’re going

The good news is i believe Lotus are just launching the Exige in the states…Now

Have you got your order in yet?

Good luck.


Thanks Tim, much appreciated.

I have to see where and how I land first. It is not a mutually agreeable arrangement, so things are a bit up in the air.


Aye, good luck Robert, hope all works out well for you

Sorry to hear that Robert.

You’ll always have your Rockingham and Walshy day experiences!


I know Ian, thanks, I’ll not soon forget the chicane at the end of the straight at Rockingham! It’s been a great experience, certainly the Walsh day tested by grit! But some things in life are out of ones control.


Thanks to the nice weather this morning I was able to take some fresh pictures. I’ve added them to the website. Thanks.


Yippie! I’m staying! Now I need to get to a trackday finally!


Brands, Nov 24th, Tracksport (see other post) - DO IT!


OK! I’ll be there!