2004 S2 tacho pulse

I’m not actually fitting a shift-i. I’m fitting a datatools revlight so no relevant Lotus info available and I’m getting conflicting info.

Fitting instructions for the Shift-i suggest that there is no pulse to the S2 stack and that it’s digital(?). My 2001- wiring diagram is near identical to the S1 and shows A4 as the pulse but physically A4 does not exist on my loom.

Am I right in thinking I need to take the signal from the first cylinder as per the shift-i info or if there a pulse I can pick up somewhere else. I believe if I pull the signal from the cylinder I’ll get 1/4 of the pulses needed for the revlight to read correctly.

Any info appreciated!

Fantastic bit of kit - I fitted one a couple of months ago


2001 = K series & pulse signal

S2 Exige = toyota = canbus so no separate signal.


S2 Exige = toyota = canbus so no separate signal.


Follow the link I posted

S2 Exige = toyota = canbus so no separate signal.


Follow the link I posted

Yep, got that one. It’s what really threw me originally. Still looks like it’s the only way to go which is a bit of a bugger.

Of to the local car shop in the AM to pick up a few metres of wire, no doubt rest of the day spent working out how best to run it through to the dash and up the screen pillar (I want change lights in peripheral vision, not on the tacho).


It is indeed the only way to get a pulse on the S2, but don’t be put off by having to run a wire back to the engine bay - it is actually pretty easy. I put the wire inside the footwell divider, then inside the trim covering the gear linkage and behind the rear trim panel housing the speakers. Surprised more people haven’t fited the SHift-i - as Pesky says it is a brilliant bit of kit and pretty reasonably priced.


Cheers, going to have the passenger seat out anyway to cure a major 2nd cam vibration so plenty of time to dismantle over the next couple of days.

It’s the one thing I miss from my M3 but want the change lights “in line of sight” rather than on the tacho.

Thanks all

How much and where from! Looks excellent! Nice size and display!

How much and where from! Looks excellent! Nice size and display!

Bought mine (& I think Mark did too) from Yvo’s Shop

See it in action Here

Got everything working today so thanks guys.

I went with the datatools unit and not the shift-i on the basis that it has more LED’s so more progressive (might just be me thinking that though!)

Anyway, got green 6 LEDs up to the second cam, amber for seconds cam itself, then 1 red for the change point and the second red a tiny fraction before the limiter.

I’ve mounted it on the dash in the right hand corner beside the screen pillar. Just in my peripheral vision but not distracting. Not in direct line of sight which is what I originally planned.

Chuffed with results even if it was a bit of a faff!


pics please :slight_smile:

pics please > :slight_smile: >

Will do, unfortunately my media centre (to which my camera is connected) has decided to fck itself and will not boot so might take a day or two while I re-install Microsoft Shtdows MCE!

in the meantine I’m going to go out for a blast and see how many red lights I can get flashing

Start off with it on the dash…


Found that this actually distracted you more than anything as your eyes were half on the road and half trying to see what it was doing. So I moved it to the roof lining.


This is much better but still not perfect. The other issue I had was the fact that the unit itself is made from clear silicon/rubber. This means that ambient light reduces the contrast between the LEDs and the housing. So before “assembling” the unit in the housing I carefully wrapped the internals in black insulating tape. Worked a treat.

The position still isn’t quite right but bar drilling and hacking up the trim I don’t think I can improve it much further.

Apart from that a very easy and neat installation. No wires or bits anywhere. Most difficult bit was deciding how to run the pulse wire from the engine bay to the cabin.