2004 Focus RS-for sale

as above
a Rare 2004 Focus RS in AS NEW condition, 7300 mostley dry miles from new. garaged every night without fail. Loving cared for. full RS spec with no modifications, Oil and filtter change at 3500 miles, run in very carfully. build number 4163, one of the last to come to the country and in mint condition. selling as i have found my perfect car a Yellow S1 exige. but i guess this car wont stay around for ever so if you know any one who wants a focus RS tell them to contact me as they wont find one better. Please contact Nathan on-07835477958. based in Newcastle Upon Tyne

god this is a real pain, i can’t sell my car and i want and exige!!!

I thought you had bought already an Exige!

I guess for those of you that need to sell a sportscar to take advantage of winter prices and buy an Exige it’s going to prove difficult.
Better to sell in spring and wait for winter to buy the Exige

Or, take a loan, buy the Exige now and sell the RS on Spring!

Hi no unfortuantley haven’t bought one yet.

I was very close to buying a chrome orange exige from nick whale a few weeks back, but he woudn’t budge on his P.X price and the exige itself was 24K.

so i really need to sell private and buy private to i don’t loose a bomb!!

How much Nath?

19k No offers. I t is mint in every way. I turned down 18.5k. RS mats are unused and it has the late spec:- Stiched Seat bases(original ones sagged after 1K) It has the latter engine maf(original one stalled one cold mornings!!!) I also have 5 litre of the high performace oil and the filter ready for the next oil change, which i can give the the buyer!


Hi Nath

I am considering selling my Exige and one of the next cars on my list is the Focus RS.

It is a calypso red (2001) with 13500 miles .

Interested ???

S E L L, a n E x i g e! ! ? !

To buy another car!?!!

Now, for a life saving operation, perhaps, but for another car. Please post an updated excuse immediately (something about being 7’ tall, living in America and being threatened with having it crushed, etc).


Hi 1111

Did you get my P.M???

Hi 1111

Did you get my P.M???

Sure did !

Did you get mine ?

Phew ! I feel better now that I have decided too keep the Exige for at least a year longer .

Excuse for thinking of selling were because the wifey wouldnt go in the Exige because it was too noisy,uncomfy etc etc.

Instead ,I have bought another RS Ford variant for everyday because my only other option was my works van .

Reasons for not selling are possible engine swaps and interesting colour schemes as seen in a few recent posts which have got me thinking of a respray in the future .

Good for you!

Youd did the right thing there. Besides, if your wife doesn’t want to come with you it’s her loss

agreed… glad you did the right thing…

I couldnt agree more, with you RoxTeddy and Uldis.

Its a good job the wife doesnt visit this forum though