2004 Exige - what bulb size

Evening all.

Couple of questions.

It appears my main driving bulb nearside has failed.

What size is it ( guessing h1? ) and what bulbs are you guys typically using?

Last question - is there a guide anywhere to changing?

Blatently robbed this from midlandlotus

So its a h1 , recommended bulbs please so I can ignore and get some other brand/type please.

Osram nightbreaker, non-blue version, eliseparts sell them.

I really must find a better side light, ideally LED and super bright like a daytime driving light. The standard side lights are pathetic.

Anyone done it?

I used the Halfords ones very bright and white, just worked unlike most of the cheap ebay ones

For the small, stand alone side lights? I have heard fitting LED side lights throw up an error?

Not on my car no, on some of the can bus cars you have to run specific bulbs so it doesn’t show the error