2003 Lotus Roadsport Series

Hi folks,I race in the Lotus Roadsport Series and can confirm that the series will be getting bigger and better again this coming season.We are looking to have 8-10 rounds this year, and a more structured approach to the scutineering & technical spec of the race cars. This should make the racing even closer than last year.I only have limited info, but Im sure we will be at places like silverstone, oulton, mallory, donnington etc…I am aware that several of the racers are uprating their cars in preparation for the coming season, so expect some serious machines to be on show at each meet. My car is about to undergo a serious rebuild and should be one of the best prepared cars out there.I hope to see some of you at the meets. Im always happy to answer questions about the car, so feel free to say hi at the meets.RegardsBarrie WhightSee the following link for info on the series… http://www.heritageracingsupport.com