2000 (X) lotus elise for sale !

This is a Standardish Titanium S1 (2000 X), 17500 miles,the last of the S1’s before S2 arrived so all the little quirks fixed at the factory( ie braided clutch,brake hoses etc, MINT out of the box Condition, bought and serviced at Bell&Colvill 18 months ago, A4Folder FULL of reciepts, just passed its first MOT with flying colours, No TADTS, flawless to drive, No billiard ball suspension.

(Bold Statment!) This has been described by two independant dealers as the best condition s1 they have ever seen or driven!!!(come prove them wrong)

3.5k of ally tat and extras spent in the last 12 months.

see this thread SELOC Forums

self confessed GJOB! mostly dry miles,never tracked!,lives in my garage,bought as a second car although does get used!

all in �14,500 with the exeption of personal plate!

pictures are availble at http://www.andyweightman.com
also pictures of the new bit installed recently at http://www.andyweightman.com/newsh1t.htm