2 x stack dash problems

Hello Guys

I have 2 problems with my stack dash.

1st problem is when I hit a bad bump in the road the stack dash resets as if you have turned the ignition off, all lights light up and the speedo and revcounter reset but as I am traveling they reset at the speed I am going, so if I was doing 20mph at the time it would think sitting still is 20mhp! I then have to pull over stop the car and turn the ignition on and off to reset it all, until I go over another harsh bump!

2nd problem is my coolant display. Its all over the place and reads over 100 deg c allot. I pluged my laptop into my emerald ecu and waited for the fans to kick in at 95deg the emerald was seeing 95 deg and the stack was reading 119 deg but was jumping about around this figure allot. I took the connection of the blue sensor cleaned it up and made sure of a good conection but no joy.

Any ideas on these problems would be great.


Make sure the connection at the back of the Stack is good?
Have you tried this?

Pulled the stack dash out today plug looked fixed in. Turned ingition on and wiggled the plug and it never reset once! Also tried giving the stack unit itself a knock and again was fine. So the problem must be in another area of the car!

Sounds like the engine temp sensor is on the way out, quite a common problem, but luckily an easy fix.

Hi Randy

I have one on order changed one before, so hopeing that will sort out my temp gauge problem.

Still a little unsure on the stack reset problem though.

Check wiring to speed sensor - someone - was it Beefcake ? had a similar issue - I think … could be wrong … anyhow it was a broken wire …

Hello Would the wiring to the speed sensor make the all the stack dash reset?

Where is the speed sensor / wiring?


I think this could be an earth problem…

Check clean the various chassis earth connections…

Dead Speedo link

Above was the thread - broken wire in the centre console - so maybe worth looking for a chaffed wire here ?


Not the same problem as I have. The whole stack dash resets and starts working straight away nothing else is effected the engine does not miss or anything.

What earth points are worth checking? Are they in the interior or engine bay?


It’s gotta be a total loss of all electrics if all the connctions are good.

You don’t feel anything because it’s too brief for the engine to notice IYSWIM, a single misfire would be tricky to pick up on…

So check the earths, one just to the PX side of the battery upfront and one going from the gearbox to the chassis side mount (you can JUST get to this from the top but much easier from below)

Also make sure the battery is clamped in tight, if it slides about it can short the earth and loose all power and possibly blow up the alternator after a while.

I’m 90% sure its just the stack dash though as the radio, heater etc are not effected when it happens.

I will check the battery