2 sets of Part worn A039's

I have 2 sets of part worn A039’s for sale. I actually have three sets but one set has one damaged front tyre and one damaged rear, so I guess in truth I have 2 1/2 sets.

I would say that the tyres are about a third worn.

How does �150 per set sound, and if I can sell both sets togother I will throw in the extra half a set for free.

If your interested e-mail me at: [email protected]


I think you’re going to have to do better than “part worn”!

How many millimetres across left, middle and right and perhaps pics?

At about �50 per millimetre (per tyre) I think that’s going to be your ‘value proposition’. They only start with 5mm, 1.6mm is the minimum and they cost about �700 a set.

Just a thought.


OK OK, I will give them a measure, but I think we will be looking at between 3 and 4 mm on each one. They are in very good nick.

From what your saying Ian at �150 a set they’re a bargin!!!


Sean - whereabouts are you? Will you sell a pair of rears only?

I’m just outside Birmingham.

I really wanted to off load them all in one go, or at least a full car set at a time. I guess if I still have them in a few weeks I might think about splitting them.

If you ask me matey, I think you should just buy all ten!!