2-seat left hand drive Sport Elise?

At the Sun International (a US importer of exotic cars) website, they are offering for sale a car which seems to be a Sport Elise (i.e. as raced in the Lotus Autobytel Series) which has two seats and left-hand drive. Can anyone explain this? For a look at the car, go to www.suninternational-usa.com, click on “marketplace”, and click on “Lotus Elise Motorsport”.

The spec looks the part and so does the picture ( only seen that rear spolier on the race cars ). Although tyres are odd sizes :Tyres:Yokohama Front 190/580 R16Rear: 230/625 R17

Lotus Cars USA is selling Sport Elise’s with LHD and two seats as track cars. They have sold several of them.LCU has also sold many Elise Sport 190’s and has 7 Exige Sport 190’s (I just bought one of them). The Exige’s have the rollcage like the Sport Elise, Fire System, Electrical cutoff and all the 190hp goodies.I drove the Motorsports car and liked it. I went for the Exige because when I sit in the Motorsports car I look directly at the rollbar across the top of the windshield.I could not get your link to work so I can’t tell if that is a LCU car or one they brought in.ThanksRoy

Got the link to work, that car is about $5K above the cost from LCU. This car looks like one of the early cars they received (If it is, I sat in that car).ThanksRoy