2 Number plates for sale E11XGE and X1GBR

Ok so Im selling up a couple of plates. One I had on my original S1 and is on retention and the other currently on my Exige S



Would sell both obviously or as individual deal.

So the price… I really find it difficult to work out a price. I went to regtransfers and they have promised to return me �1500.00 if they sell X1GBR, however its always an ‘if’ and I would accept a sensible offer really.
With regards to E11XGE… I really dont know what to ask either… so maybe similar figures.


Regtransfers really take the piss when it comes to commissions.

I ‘was’ after a 3 numeric/3 alpha plate a while back, it was being sold on behalf of someone (bit like what they offered you) they wanted �1750, I offered �1450 and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing they said the seller would not accept a lower offer.
Anyhow, the exact same plate turns up (direct from the owner) on Fleabay 2 weeks ago for a Buy it now price of �1000 … or a best offer, so I offered �700 and we agreed on �775.

On the surface, it seems Regtransfers wanted something like �750 to sell the plate.

Greedy sods

Yes they are marketing the plate at �495.00 higher than what they would give back to me. And when I say market… all they do is the list the number in the database. Everything else would cost on top!