2 months in and loving it..

Had the Exige for a couple of months now and thought twas about time I posted some questions/observations:

  1. Still amazed by the positive reaction from almost all road users/pedestrians,…not a car for the shy/retiring.
  2. Not one for the Traffic Light GP - but I do seem to struugle off the line due to lack of torgue. The choice is either accept bogging down below 3-4k rpm or give it some welly (post which the cabin fills with the acrid smell of mildly grilled clutch - not favoured). Is this normal anything that can be done to aid drivability.
  3. This car likes to rev and boy I like to rev it. Coming from an MCoupe took me a while to realise that making progress equates to keeping things seriously on the boil.
  4. The Exige flatters and criticises in equal measure (probably erring on the critical side with me right now ) Get it right and you feel unbeatable - get it wrong and you know it is your fault. Never owned a car where input=output so closely.

Looking forward to next year when I hook up with you blokes for some track fun…

Hi Benja,
Like you, I always used to be a bit unhappy about the burning clutch when doing emergency starts
I’ve had the uprated AP clutch fitted on mine (at the same time as I had the UCR gearset fitted) This clutch ain’t exactly indesctructable, but it copes much better. I feel much happier knowing the tyres suffer more than the clutch.

We all can relate.
I did install as well the sports clutch, but it didn’t stop it burning, only diminish it.
The car is not really meant to do standing starts, it’s just something you get used to.
But the sports clutch does improve things.

Below 3-4K? you mean idle?

I don’t really feel it low on totrque, but then, I only have it below 4K on traffic, and to move swiftly it just comes natural to keep it above.

And it’s good to see the point of view of somebody coming from owning an M Coupe.
Now as you say, you really ned a trackday.

How do you feel it differs from the Mcoupe if you are using it every day. I have test drove both, and both are very different, but mcoupe did feel quicker. I only drove the 177 exige.

Thanks for the comments guys - good to know that I am not the only one who cooks the clutch on ‘emergency’ getaways!

I don’t use the Exige as my daily driver (the LupoGTi fills that role). I did drive it to work today and realised why I don’t usually. Peeing down with rain, turned onto the A4, hit some standing water and,…whoops had a bit of a moment!! Tad of opposite-lockery and gathered it up (certainly woke the bird up ),…oooops…48’s eh!

I have to say I did love my MCoupe and I do miss it, it was a real sledgehammer. That car was seriously engine dominated and what an engine to be dominated by. On sweeping A-Roads and off the line it is undoubtably quicker than the Exige - on B roads and the track it is a very different story. I had two years with the M (and two pan-European trips in it) but ultimately find the Exige more rewarding when you need an automotive hit.

The ideal garage would swap the Lupo for another S54 engined BM (another Coupe or M3) but for what I use it for it is just not worth it,…oh and I can’t afford it!