2 Exiges Spotted in One Weekend - Was It You?

Had the pleasure of seeing two other Exiges on the road over the Weekend - I wasn’t in mine and so the usual flashing of lights ceremony didn’t take placeFirstly - Friday afternoon (approx 6pm) - Laser Blue “W” Reg on the Birmingham Road in Warwick.Secondly - Sunday Lunch time in the small Welsh seaside town of Aberdovey (approx 2pm) Norfolk Mustard.I didn’t recognise either registration as one of the ‘usual suspects’ - Was it You???Giles

Giles, still haven’t seen your Exige around Hatton! I’ve got the Gunmetal S2, friend of Andy and Lou Chapman. Must get a spin in it sometime as I am tempted to’upgrade’!Cheers …Simon Gunmetal S2 L2 AER

SimonI have seen you / your car about on the "estate"Give me a ring sometime on 07968 120068 and we’ll arrange to go for a beer.Giles