2-11 in Krypton Green


wow - that looks mega.

very nice Dave.

I agree, that looks really good. KG looks better when its used sparingly and set off against a contrasting understated colour…very nice.

If i ever get one though i would definately NOT get a matching interior. I don’t find that very race/track car. I cannot imagine a Single Seater or Le Mans car with matching interior…i would get a simple black interior.

MrD…once again…nice work!

I’m told that the first 25 (somewhat optimistic perhaps) are all to be liveried similarly with no options! I agree Bruh…you’d want it all balck and alcantara!

More interestingly for me is that there is no slippy diff option…on a track car that is very strange! wouldn’t you say?

Just waiting for the orange and black version, bet that will look good !!!