2.0 l Kseries

Hey SimonE you got any of those 2 litre K engines up an running yet ? It’ll be halfway through the race season soon.


My 2 litre could have been in my car for Snetterton Bernard, I think I mentioned that to you when you asked me the same question.

I have made the concious decision to run in class B (with the 1.8) for the rest of this year as the car is pretty competitive in class B in its current state.

Since the rule changes that happened just before the start of the season it made a 2 litre normally aspirated engine less competitive in Class C, so we have had a bit of a rethink and will be ready with what we feel will be a competitive Class C normally asperated K in the next few months. I am then going to test it for a bit and I have another elise that it will go in to iron out any wrinkles (and before anyone asks this is my idea, Simon reckons it will be good to go from day 1). Then we are going to wait to see if there are any rule changes for 2008 (fingers crossed they wont be too drastic) then it will go in my race car and bobs “hopefully” your uncle.


I know you mentioned it Sean, I was just wondering where the other engines Simon was promising had got to.