2.0 KingK any out there yet?

[quote]I hope that satisfies everyones hankering for gossip.

Sean… [/quote]

I have heard that you are into mushy peas, Wet Wipes and sex change clinics as well.

Nah, don’t like mushy peas at all!

[quote]I hope that satisfies everyones hankering for gossip.

Sean… [/quote]

No not really, but thanks for the reply. I guess it covers your case but where are all the other 2.0L Honda beaters?

Oh I’m glad you feel that my case is covered now Dave, I will sleep much easier at night now!! :smirk:

Having watched a couple of these races now (Brands and Oulton) I can say that from a spectators point of view the fastest car does not always appear to win, especially with the odd error made by the driver or a car in front.

Sean’s car looked good, sounded great and appeared to go really well at Brands - mixing with the class c cars.

Cheers Steve, cheque is in the post!! :wink:

which 1.8 :wink:

The same 1.8 that has been in it since September of last year

Of course forgot to mention that it looked like all your pace was all down to the sequential g’box :stuck_out_tongue: :wink:

So I guess there aren’t any 2.0 litre K’s then ?


Or nobody reads/posts in the Muppet section :smirk:

I must admit I had overlooked that possibility :smirk:


not a soul.

Not me.