1st Lotus Day

Did a 1st Lotus day last Wednesday the 20th, amazing day Andy’s car control is stunning and I would recommend this to anyone, although I have had to get a new set of 48’s fitted for croft as I flat spotted my fronts and my rears are now slicks
Definately up for doing another if anyone wants to try and get a group of 4 together.
Not sure if these links will work but heres a couple of clips of my car at the end of the day when Andy set up a small circuit which we were timed round.



Cant get it to open straight into video so you will have to download im afraid, anyone have any tips on this?


That looks proper fast Christian you really must be stoked. I think Walshy is on a retainer from Yokohama, he seems to ensure a healthy amount of repeat business

What did Walshy think of yer car?

Always up for Walshy days, I always come away feeling that little bit more confident.