1st gear (as accidently posted in S1 topics)

Incase not already been read in S1 topics. My S2 had a misplaced grid resulting in a very stiff shift into 2nd, this was resolved by repositioning. Still shifting into 1st is often fairly stiff (doesnt have the previous crunch that 2nd had). Dealer says this is common and normal. Is it? Or is it dealer talk.

No such reluctance to get into 1st in mine - I reckon you’re being fobbed off TBH.


Oldest excuse in the book

Sorry, but what is a misplaced grid?

AFAIK the gear adjustments happen at the end of the cables to the gearbox, surely it’s just a matter of adjusting them?

apparently the hand built nature of the car and lesser quality control due to small work force resulted in the gating (if thats the term) was misplaced so when i was trying to put the gear stick into 2nd it was catching on the edge (i think he said something about rubber stops). I did doubt his excuse just thought id double check and now i can go back with ammunition.