197bhp K !

197bhp K for sale
I’m selling everything you need to make your car seriously quick, for cheap !

DVA Big valve Head, 29.5mm inlet valves 26 exhaust.
VHPD cams, Solid followers, verniers, direct to head throttle bodies, bernard scouse airbox, Omega forged pistons, VHPD(PTP) Rods, VHPD (ptp) crankshaft, eliseparts lightened flywheel, ap racing clutch, Eliseparts Ultimate bore manifold, Emerald ECU, Close ratio gearbox.

The bottom end has all been balanced and the engine has been mapped by Dave Walker, it is really smothe, nothing like a lumpy VHPD, currentlyit is in my car and i will be at bedford on monday if anyone wants to see how well it goes. It has done about 10k miles on the road and about 750miles on the track, it has just had a cambelt, water pump and alternator. I’m looking for �3.5k, it cost me �6.5 K without the labour. Please mail me if interested. [email protected]