192 upgrade

Hi all

Few questions about the 192 upgrade.

Which exhaust should it have e.g single or double exit, which one was the standard fitment?
Can someone explain about the changes to the thermostat?
Have been looking up an old copy of EVO and it suggests that only the 192’s suffer from the 5,500rpm stutter?
Would a dealer easily be able to tell if the 192 is fitted e.g diagnostics etc.



Standard exhaust is a twin. It has a huge oval box with a pipe coming out of each end. Pics here of an orig next to my Larini.

The std thermo is set at 88oC to help with emissions (I believe) the 190 brings it down to 82oC. There is also a different pulley that is needed for the 190 ECU.

Dunno about the stutter, although there’s been at least one std 177bhp car that’s had something like it recently.

Tricky one on telling though.


Andy Plant at Lotus [email protected] will be able to tell you if the car has had all/any of the official recall work carried out eg 5500rpm misfire ECU upgrade, which applied to both 177 & 190bhp cars. He will know if the car is 177 or 190 - assuming the 190 upgrade was dealer fitted (he can’t possibly know which cars have Emerald ECUs, as these were not dealer options). There have been a number of recall issues, not just the ECU misfire one eg front brakeline relocation, & petrol filler modification.

Andy will need the full chassis number of the car, not the registration number.

The 190 ecu usually has 190 written on it in marker pen.