190 Upgrade + other mods info required?

recently bought an Exige which has apparantly got the 190 upgrade fitted.

How do I confirm this?

Also what other things should I check for, seen a comment on the 2nd air filter (I assume this has gone but need to check). Also what is the Motorsport trunking?

I’ve also seen some posts on the gas struts for the engine cover, who does this? or is it a home made mod?

Struts are home made but by a dealer (if that makes sense?!), Pesky is ya man. I know he was going to try and find out what they came off, possibly a Saab??

Checking the 190, hmm?? Does it rev past 7500rpm? They up it slightly for the 190. I believe the Motorsport trunking connects the airbox directly to the vent on the body work. I understand Lotus left it off to cut down the engine noise.


Look at the archives, there is a thread by Admin5 about this (don’t remember where)


Which one is in the archives.

I’ve found loads on the 190 kit but nothing that says exactly what the recognisable difference is, but guess from some comments that there is no physical difference that can be seen?

Not without taking the car apart !

One way of telling, the 190 ECU runs very rich which will bring tears to the eyes of anyone following you

I gues it definatly has the 190 upgrade as the overfueling is even worse than the S160 was.

Mark, here it is, in the Tips + stuff you need to know.

I think it describes everything. But looking at the ECU it’s difficult to see.
The cooler running temperature is one clue, as is the eagerness to rev past 7200.
On the std one, ther eis no point on revving past 7200rpm, on the 190 it will still make good power until about 7800rpm and the limiter will kick in at 8000

Apart from that, anybody can take the resonator valve off and fit a sports exhaust…

Thanks Uldis,

I haven’t driven the car much, for various reasons, but it does run at 80 degrees C, I haven’t tried reving it above 7000rpm yet, but the car hasn’t done many miles recently as it has been at the dealers for sale for a few months.

Sounds like I need to have a decent look round it and remove some bits as I know some of what’s described is still fitted.