190 Upgrade - Any good?

I have put a refundable deposit down on an Exige, but am still at the bargaining stage. I need to know if the 190 upgrade is any good…Having just spoken to Kings in Warwick they suggested that their first demo car had a few problems with it.Any advice appreciated

Kings Warwick don’t know their arse from their elbow. Sorry. (They’re my local dealer)If done right, you won’t have any problems.Bear in mind, there are 2 types of 190 upgrade now. A basic chip/cam/thermostat version, and a more involved version that adds breather pipes, catch tanks and charcoal cannister mods.If you’re going to take your car on the track, I’d highly recommend you go for the 2nd (more expensive) upgrade for completeness.(unless you’re considering supercharging it some point in the future, in which case all that money is wasted).While you’re at the bargaining stage, get them to quote for a SuperSports exhaust… a must in my opinion… to make it sound as good as it looks.Either way, get them to de-cat and de-restrict it after the SVA.

Thanks for replyNo need to apologise - the deposit aint with them - just looking for bargaining material…CheersMark

It’s true though, their demo was running very poorly.I believe one of the members on here has that car now and has had no problems with the engine.

I can vouch for that - the car runs sweetly now.

I agree with David, Kings did not impress me when I went in and chatted with them. They like to add the sports exhaust, and Exige trim items. They were against the 190 upgrade on the grounds that the first car they fitted it to ran rough. They do now know to remove the filter etc, but maybe they didn’t then. Also I think people agree the Exige engine improves with miles and the 190 kit does affect engine idle.