190 Decisions

Not sure whether to post this in Q&A or not, but thought this thread would help for general feedback.Looking at getting the Exige booked in for the 190 Upgrade and braided hosesI already have Cat and Exhaust done.B&C quoted aroung 690 + Vat to do the ECU, Thermostat, and pulley.They quoted 254 + vat for braided hoses and new brake fluid Is this reasonable?Looked through a variety of old posts, and prices seem to be all over the place.Called emerald, and they charge 599 inc for just the ecu. Not to mention it still needs fitting, and I really don’t want to do the work myself.This seems pricey for the Emerald and I can virtually get everything done for the 190 at an official dealer for about 160 quid more all in.Sorry as I know this is posted in a number of different areas, but there never seems to be anything definitive to answer it.Appreciate any feedback

ADLWhoa there!If you are worried about invalidating the Lotus warranty (if it still apllies), you will have to go down the Lotus ECU route.However, if the warranty is not an issue, the Emerald is definately the way to go - mappable etc etc. You should also get vernier pulleys & an 82degree thermostat.RussT, Phil Davies & Bruno all have gone down the Emerald route - each car being set up by Dave Walker (a legend in his own lifetime [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image] ) on his rolling road. I suggest that you do a search on this bbs for full details.Braided hoses are approx �70 & SRF fluid about �40, both plus vat. Probably looking at 2 hours to fit & bleed the brakes. Whilst they’re at it, might as well do the job properly & fit Pagid RS14 pads [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/grin.gif[/image]

Thanks,Warranty ran out before I got the car, so this is at least one problem out the way.The emerald does seem to have the edge reading previous threads across the BBS.As for the Pads, they were going to be changed, again Pagid seem to have the edge out there.Hoses, guess I might be bothered to do them myself if the wife doesn’t mind me taking a day off from decorating the house!Cheers

ADLNW charged me 800 quid including VAT for the same 190 upgrade - so the B&C price is pretty damn close …I changed my own hoses, you will need some very slim open ended spanners and plenty of humour for the front top connections as you can only undo them a few flats at a time - take a look before you commit !! - Everything else is easy BUT beware the bleeding of the rear calipers - you have to take the pads out and screw the piston back in to get the handbrake bled properly otherwise you end up with no pedal and lots of wasted SRF - there is a thread on one of the Elise sites to more in depth how to do this, cant remember it now …might be Elises.co.uk ? Hoses are quite cheap at about 40 quid if you dont want Stainless fittings, oh and there seems to be a debate on where the rear hoses are routed - maybe worth searching for opinion on that - I tie wrapped mine to the toe link as per the Lotus manual just because thats where they seemed most happy …Put RS14’s in at the same time, it makes for less work overall and more delight with the brakes after such efforts [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]

Hoses www.lotuspage.8m.com/oilypage/oily.htm HTH

In addition, you may find it easier to remove the calipers, that way you can turn the whole caliper to unscrew the pipe !