190 Cam settings

Hello Folks, unfortunately work keeps me planted in Scotland or flying over England so no track days down south for a while.

I have acquired a 190ecu and a set of vernier pulleys, and will get them fitted in a couple of weeks. Can anyone confirm what the cam timing adjustment should be for the 190 ecu.

I did a search, could only get back to 06 so probably has been discussed in the earlier days. But didn’t find what I was looking for. There was a comment from Dave A - Inlet 120-130thou and exhaust 100-110 thou, not sure what that related to as I was looking for 6deg advance or similar.

I know there are emerald options etc and the merits of the 190ecu are questionable, but I’ve had good luck keeping things fairly standard so this small improvement is all I’m looking for. Also a good time for a belt change and checking the timing is correctly set if nothing else.

I’m not too technical, just need the correct details to pass on to the expert. Having said that if anyone would like to explain why the timing changes for the 190 vs 177 I’d be interested get an understanding.

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Thanks Kerry

BP?? :smiley:

Hope you’re keeping fit & well, Kerry - long time no see!

BP?? :smiley:

Unfortunately it can be a dangerous game, until we really know what happened I’m not going to pass judgement. I knew the rig manager and he was on board at the time. Being the US much of the information is related to legal denials or political statements. Hopefully they’ll get it sorted soon, but the relief well is the only solution likely to work.

Yep all’s well up here, just getting a few things sorted before Tut’s Birthday outing.

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I wish they could. I think thunderbird 4 is on scene (was that the one that goes in the water)

This has happened before, back in 1979, but it was in a less populated area and the world media wasn’t that interested.

The values I gave were for lift at TDC. 6 deg advance is completely meaningless unless you know where you are starting from and can measure it accurately. Since ths stock pulleys are hit and miss you cannot know what your start point is and further, the vernier pulleys do not give the same initial timing position so you will be doubly unsure.

The values are

120-130 thou lift at TDc for the inlet valve
100-110 thou lift at TDC for the exhaust valve

It doesn’t matter how many times you ask the question, the answer will be the same. That is mainly because the data that is out there WRT to timing originated from the same place. If you dont understand the methodology do some reading about how to do it on my website.


Follow the link ,there is an extensive article that took some time to write on exactly how to do it, it is there for your benefit, not mine.


Thanks Dave,

your right I didn’t understand the relationship between the lift measurements and the advance definitions and so didn’t know which one was really the governing specification or if the ECU made any difference to the spec used.

Anyway I do now, so problem solved, and thanks again.