160sport engine v Exige engine

Can someone tell me the difference between the two engines (i know one has different bhp)or can someone explain what the VHPD stands foralso i am aware that the 160 has a vvc head with fixed cams but what else has it over the standard elise (mine is one of the first 50)

Very High Performance Derivative.Full details about VVC and VHPD at http://members.aol.com/_ht_a/dvandrews/kengine.htm#vhpdhead

Probably key difference is that the VHPD in the Exige has DTH (direct to head) throttle bodies, rather than a single throttle body. Makes for more optimal fuelling.Cheers

The Sport 160 engine does not have a vvc head - it is a standard head with a little bit of porting work. The key differences between the two are:1) Throttle bodies (as stated by MarkD).2) Head. VHPD has larger valves and bores etc.3) Tappets. Hydraulic in the Sport 160, effectively limiting the revs to 7,000.The VHPD also has a slightly stronger bottom end so it can cope with the higher revs.

The VHPD also has a slightly stronger bottom end so it can cope with the higher revs.Not true it is only tuftrided to resist wear, it is no stronger.

KeithPrior to getting the Exige I also had a S160 which was one of the first 50The first 50 were SVA approved I think because Lotus did not appreciate the demand for them. The first 50 were either metalic black or scandal green.The differences between the S160 and the Exige engine are all as above, the difference in the first 50 160’s against the later 160s were that they had a different ECU which created a few more BHP but at the expense of a lumpy idle - not disimilar to the Exige.They also did not have the CR gearbox which the 111S had and the Exige has.David