Thinking about maybe chopping my S2 135R in for a Mk1 Exige. The S2 Exige looks pretty similar to the one i have got now with the hard top on. Had the car from HR Owen and is 9 months old with lotus exhaust as well. 0-60 in 5sec i think…

Thoughts? PX offer?

Any really good examples of S1 Exige in untouched 177 form still out there?

Let me know what you think chaps - and be interested to hear from anyone interested in a potential swap.


Looks like our Exige residuals are as bullet proof as ever folks.

The key point arising from this post is not to take any bs from dealers about how the price base will erode now there’s a new Exige on the block.

As our new friend Barnster proves, the S2 is NO replacement for the original and genuine Exige.

We’re all winners in this one guys.

Good luck Barnster - keep us all posted on how you get on.

Ha, you got me there!

Dont get me wrong, the 135R is a lovely car, and i bought it with my head (it’s a stonking everyday car)

But the s1 exige is from the heart, and i now have a mini cooper as well, so dont need the same reliability as from a 9 month old s2.

We’ll see what interest i get in a PX - probably not much from in here!!!

You mean that the 135R was reliable?? I thought they liked a head gasket change ever few 1000 miles!

nope. been good as gold.

x-drilled brakes can be a bit sticky, that’s all