111s how much to pay?

im looking at a 111s ,what price would i expect to pay for a car with 10-12k on the clock? im looking at a private sale so whats best to look out for ,also what price would a dealer wanrt from me and is it worth the extra form the dealer??? Cheers…

Having sold my 111S (sob sob) last year I have been looking for another for the last couple of months. I took the plunge last week and paid my deposit for an Exige, picking up on Friday (yippee!)But back to the more important point, getting yourself a 111S. Personally I think you’re making a good choice, the VVC engine and the other goodies standard with the 111S make it a better car than the 135/160/190 route (IMHO).Look to pay �16 - �18 privately for a good condition one, but make sure you get the full history etc if going private. Going through a dealer will give you a warranty which is a good idea as some work can cost a lot. I looked at an immaculate one in Hawthorns (a TVR dealer) last week going for �19k. 5k miles I think, bargain!If you go for the dealer route, make sure you get a good dealer as the service levels go from non existant to very good (not found an excellent one yet!)If you go for the private route have the car fully checked by a Lotus engineer.Hope that helps, however you get it I’m sure you’ll love it [image]http://www.exiges.com/ubb/NonCGI/images/icons/smile.gif[/image]PS: 111S had a number of safety recalls, check they have all been done!

I wouldn’t touch a 111S myself.Known to be fragile, head gaskets blow mroe often and the VVC mechanism is apparantly a fantasically complicated example of how to do a simple task.135 felt much stronger to me. I’d pay more for a 135 than an equivalent spec/age 111

thanks guys