1000 mile service today

At CNs , plus snagging list , passenger side central locking not working ( button only comes halfway up intermittently ) , creaking squeak from " somewhere " in the cabin , reversing parking sensor is being replaced , windscreen wiper " missing " top of cleaning arc both sides .
Non warranty work is to refit my cup holder and to fit the engine covers that Lotus so kindly took off my car !
Courtesy car provided , … don’t ask !
Should be ready for 5 .

I have a slight creak somewhere behind the drivers seat, be interested to know what they say about yours.

How much were the engine covers?

Go on what did they give you as a courtesy car, I got a pug 108 ragtop :lolno:

Mine turned out to be the undertray ( squeak/ creak / rattle )
All other work was undertaken apart from the engine covers , Lotus omitted to send the brackets with the covers ! ! ! Price is circa £200 plus fitting .
Toyota Auris was the courtesy car , truly awful and that’s coming from someone who drives a Y reg Focus !
CNs were as usual brilliant!

£200+ for covers !!! Think i will just leave mine as is

I just think they look a bit neater though granted £200 is mad for two bits of plastic ! :crazy:


nice to know there’s another v6 Exige in Warrington, I don’t know if there are anymore?
I had a series of niggly problems in first year, rocking drivers seat still not resolved.
still love my Exige.

Known as Val Doonican seats :laughing:

Covered in goat hair Pete?