1.8t water routing (as per Pro Alloy)

Just in the throes of putting the engine back in (after a very expensive rebuild due to brittle baffle flaps in the sump which broke off and blocked the oil pickup!) and I’m looking at the Pro-Alloy’s suggested water routing which seems far simpler than my current setup. Anyone using this method? Does it work ok?

Who told you to feed the turbo water into the heater matrix, and boost related heat spikes? The notes above look like a lot of misinformation in my opinion. Please don’t take that comment as me being negative or slagging anything off, just trying to help. Just so you know, I raced an Audi powered exige for quite a few years that i built and developed myself.

I read this last night and whilst I have no experience of this I have done a lot of work on thermal management of jet engines. I tend to agree with Sean, it does not look ideal. You will be adding the hottest water to a small header volume which will then enter the head via the bypass. It’s an Audi so the shock may not kill it but the temps could bump around as the stat opens.

I would have thought it would be better to get the turbo coolant into pro-alloy rad so it’s blended to the header and stat.

Thanks both for your constructive comments - the water routing is as suggested by Pro-Alloy (who I believe also raced an audi engined exige?).
I think I will stick with the original setup then as I value your comments a lot more than a pdf on Pro-Alloy’s website!


anyone got a different water system diagram to the Pro Alloy one? - I’m at this point now and feel a bit stuck about the cooling layout. I’m not using the heater system in mine and adding a laminova into the mix too.
any suggestions? - gratefully received.

Having now studied the pro-alloy setup further; it seems (to me) that there is not a very good thermostat bypass circuit and it looks like the engine will get very hot before the stat opens as not much water is flowing past it. My 1.8t was originally installed (many years ago) by Guglielmi motorsport and Bernard was also involved so I am going to stick with that layout which allows a lot more bypass water to circulate through block and past the stat (therefore allowing it to open when it should). In the return to the exp bottle I also noticed a restrictor was fitted, not sure whether this is Audi oem or whether Guglielmi fitted it???

would it be possible to post the photo again, it no longer works?