01 JUN 24 Exiges.com meet - The Motorist

You asked! I organised.

We have our very own Exiges.com meet at the Motorist : https://www.themotorist.com/

01 JUN 24 from 0900 onwards
New Lennerton Lane
Sherburn in Elmet, Leeds
LS25 6JE

Please can you let me know if you are nailed on attending so I can get the numbers to the co-ordinators?


Great effort👍I’ll check out the calendar…Ta

Oops! Capt Cock-Up rides again. Just realised I’m off on the Nyloc Tour the day before. Risking another foray into Europe with my “new” engine. So sorry I won’t be able to make it but thanks Andy for your efforts.

Best of luck organising this Andy.

I’m on a day shift…and no longer an Exige owner so I’d be banned even if I could attend :smile:

No worries. All owners are welcome. Even the great unwashed who dont own exiges…

Bugger I am doing LOT trackday at Cadwell that day.


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I’d love to, but a bit far north for me :sob:

Too far north for me too! :confused:

I should be able to make this👍

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Andy - thanks for taking the initiative just a bit far north for me. But bravo for pushing for a meet :+1:

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Would love to come to this as well, but it’s a mere 8 hour round trip :scream:.

Nice one for putting it together and hope you get a decent turnout.

Any more interest in this folks?


The exiges.com event I did at C&M was a good one a few years back.

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  1. AndyBond
  2. johnfishcurtis

Please add your names below. Even if its just me and John, at least we tried!

Any more for this event folks? The turn out tbh isn’t quite as high as I had hoped.

Think I can make this :+1:t3:

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I’ll come along in my exiges.com t-shirt, won’t be in my static exige unless someone wants to collect it with a trailer! :joy:

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My dad and I will be there :smiley: 2 S1 Exiges :+1:
Chrome orange and Ice Blue

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  1. AndyBond
  2. johnfishcurtis
  3. Jake
  4. Kevin in his Tee Shirt
  5. Jabs + Father