'00 Elise 111 vs VVC engine head block

Hello,My name is Yoshiaki and 'm living in Japan.I have a '00 Elise 111.I just swapped engine head for VVC’s one.(I removed VVC feature, use engine head block and valves.)And there are some modifications (high lift cam and Lumenition ECU).At over 2000 rpm this engine is good performance.But under 2000 rpm, it have some problems.The idling of engine does not stabilize, and give me the strong knocking.I have investigated and adjusted ECU.But we can not solve these problems.However there were not any problem on '97 Elise 111 with same customization.I’m going to suspecting there are some electrical differences between '98 and '00 Elise 111.If there are any electrical differences between '97 and '00 Elise 111, could you please let me know?And if you have any ideas for these problems, could you please advice me?I wan to solve them.Regards,Yoshiaki (sorry for the english, I fight with it…)

Hi Yoshiaki!Try posting again on either: www.british-cars.co.uk/cgi-bin/gen5?runprog=lotusbbs or try the almost official Lotus BBS site on: http://www.wwwatt.com/cgi-bin/ubblotuslife/Ultimate.cgi?action=intro and ask one of the Lotus guys unless anyone one here knows?Rich

Hi Rich,Thank you for your reply.I got the following reply from OLC.============================================The vehicle and engine wiring harnesses have not changed in any significantrespect between '97 and '00 model years, so if you have a problem on thelater car and not the earlier car, I suspect this must be either with thecam timing or the engine management.============================================Thanks!!