0-60 2nd gear start!


If my car is ready by next weekend I might be entering a 0-60 challenge at croft. I’m going to run the rear tyres at 10psi (more tyre surfice = more grip) and soften up the rear suspension the car squats a little more. Any other ideas let me know.

Onto the question, I am running a close ration Lotus gearbox with a 8,100rpm rev limiter on the emerald it has power all the way up there as well. Looking at a 0-100 video I did of my clocks a while ago on the stack dash I hit about 45mph in 1st at 8,000rpm and about 80mph at 8,000rpm in 2nd, I know the stack is not 100% spot on but im sure my car will do over 60mph in 2nd no problem.
I will be doing four runs so the 1st two I will use 1’st and 2nd maybe even try a full throttle gear change. But has anyone ever tried doing a standing start in 2nd gear?? I reckon it will be hard on the clutch but im running an ap! In other qtr miles I have done in the past I holding the revs between 3k and 4k rpm seems to give the best start if I did a 2nd gear launch would I have to rev around 5k??

Any ideas? Thoughts? Will I blow the box lol?


Why do this in an Exige? Wouldn’t you be better off in a Corvette, or some other ‘go fast straight’ sort of car?

Just curious.

I can use second with the audi but the box is tougher and the torque is much higher…

If you do start in second with 5000 revs you might just find that the revs drop too much once you establish grip

Nothing beats trying it…

Why do I want todo it?

Well again watching my 0-100 video the time it takes to change from 1st to 2nd is soooo long im sure if I have the power and the gearbox is strong enough it would be allot faster todo the 0-10mph in 1 gear!

It’s an elise with a vhpd engine 196bhp I think they are a little lighter than the exige?


The AP is an uprated street clutch not a race clutch. Onto my sencond 1 this year, no standing starts only track work so go easy on it.

The close ratio G/box will not allow full throttle changes without effort unless it is a dog box. If it’s synchro, kiss the 1st to 2nd synchro goodbye after the day. Back off a little and tap the clutch a little, you won’t look a fools trying it and missing the gear that way ,plus it will shave time. I’m sorry i just have mechanical sympathy and know that full throttle shifts are no good in anything but race dog boxes.

Just load the car on the clutch slightly using the handbrake at the lights, helps eerything “spool” up quicker and will be faster than a 2nd gear start guaranteed.

PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, these cars are tricky to get off the line quickly. But let the clutch cool during attempts.

You’ll burn the clutch.
But try it, you’ll see.

IMO the CR box 1st gear is too low, a bit higher would be better, but not as high as 2nd.