0-100mph Times etc.

Could someone on here clear up a little dissagreement I have with an M3 owner?
He claims the M3 will beat an Exige on all straightline specs, now I know the top speed will be faster but what are the correct specs of 0-60/0-100/and top speed of a standard exige. Ive only ever seen the 0-60 times given and that was 4.7sec. which I believe to be slightly quicker than an M3.I think the BMW has a 0-100 time of approx 12.5sec.but have never seen the exige time. Hope someone can help.
Many thanks.

The technical specs I’ve seen quote 12.3 sec 0-100mph, but I think it would be more fun to take him on at a drag day.

Should beat the M3 to 60 no probs but will involve burning lots of clutch

To 100, I’m not sure, that’s when brute power starts to count, and the M3 has plenty of that…

IIRC, the M3 will beat an Exige to 100mph (but not 60mph).

Fortunately, British roads have corners, at which point an Exige will beat most things !

I’ve come across a few M3s on track - well driven ones are faster than me … but that probably says more about my driving, than the M3s capability though!!!

I enjoy taking the M3s! Pesky, they get past you, really??! Stripped out on slicks maybe.



I was referring specifically to a couple of the latest version M3s, which were out at Oulton last year. The drivers were really chucking them into the corners and going over the kerbs of the two chicanes. They also had a load of midrange torque, which meant I couldn’t overtake them on the straights.

I do tend to be “over polite” on trackdays, I’d much rather a car, which is obviously being pushed to the limit, to be a long way in front of me, rather than behind where a bit of corner cutting could easily T bone me!

I agree with Pesky.

I don’t think an exige would live with a well driven M3 on the straights. However, the few M3’s i have met on track days are beaten by an exige at the twisties and usually, i have to say, on the brakes as well. Even with all that german technology.

0-100 I don’t think exige would live with the M3. As soon as that big straight six starts gulping in vast quantities of air it gets in its stride and would be off.

0-60… well that’s another story and a much closer contest. An M3 weighs in around 1600kg giving around 212bhp/tonne… we’ve got around 230bhp/tonne… but its the speed we can carry into and around corners that really give us the edge.

All the above is of course IMHO…I had an M3 before my exige…

Completely with you on not being around ‘on the edge’ cars with drivers I don’t know/trust. As for the straights, well the Exige can’t live with much really, it’s the bends - in, through and out - where we have our fun!


My road car is an M3 and I would say that to 60 there’s not much in it compared to my Exige. Mid range the M3 comes into its own but when it comes to the twisty bits, although the M3 is better than any other BMW I have had, it would be the Exige that wins.