0 - 100 MPH = 9.32 Seconds



Here is a run done on a private road…

There is a lot more to come once I can get the start right…

Hmmm… Yes… That’s pretty quick…

Aewsome Mike! Truly awesome!

Now you can sell it to Branson for the space trips

Nah… He always crashes !!!


“Where’d who go?!!”


“I hate it when it does that”

(Guess the film ?)

Same film as my quote

Mike just a few questions if you dont mind, what has been done to the Audi engine to get it to the 320 bhp (correct me if im wrong on that figure)? How much is the conversion, engine etc? I see you have 6 gears to pick now so what speeds do you get out of each one and whats the rev limit? Ill have to come down to your next trackday/meet to hear it. Could you let me no when that is please. Whats this ive heard about traction control? Sorry for all the questions, just very interested in having over 300bhp.

Those are some impressive figures. Can’t wait to see your machine in action Mike .

what has been done to Audi engine to get to 320 bhp? How much is conversion, engine etc? You have 6 gears so what speeds do you get out of each and whats rev limit?

  1. It uses a larger turbo - Jabbasport stage 2 IHI
  2. Jabbasport custom exhaust manifold
  3. It has a custom intercooler
  4. A larger throttle body
  5. Modified inlet manifold
  6. Bailey dump valve
  7. Lightweight flywheel (4.5 Kgs)
  8. Competition 6 plate clutch
  9. Custom exhaust
  10. Emerald ECU
  11. Mapping set up for 1.5 bar boost by Dave Walker at Emerald

Peak power recorded was 302.3 but wheels were slipping - torque curve estimates suggest 312 bhp !!

See This thread and This other thread

Speeds in gears at 7000 RPM are 38.3 - 62.2 - 88.5 - 113.7 - 140.5 - 169.0

Bernard is going public on costs shortly, but I paid �2,100 for the engine and gearbox, and sold my old engine for �3,000 and expect to get �500 for the old gearbox.

I had the emerald already, and I bought the Turbo and exhaust manifold for �1,250 unused ( and I can sell the old Turbo and audi ECU).

It then depends on the spec and whether you go for instruments etc or not… (Bernard - ante up !!)

Cheaper than any of the other conversion by far though !!

Traction control being developed by Emerald as we speak…

Track day - looking for something suitable right now - don’t really want it to be wet though !!!

Oh no!!
Mr Lane has got another chart to show those two old ladies!!
Lend it to Gavin at Donnington, Mike.
(Good on yer Mike - I think your car is great and it’s obviously giving you alot of pleasure which is what Exiges are all about. - I’m going out to give mine a snog now!)

f’*$$ me… and that’s with sloppy gear shifts too…

Imprssive times, but i think the 1st gear is to short for your car…
Have u tried to launch in 2nd?

That is a good thought, Nicholas…

I’ll give it a go