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Topics relating to the Lotus Exige S1 (series 1)
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Thanks! 8-) ;)
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Nonno wrote:My car’s details:

* Owner name: Aleardo, Italy, originally LHD imported in Italy
* Manufacture Number (last three of VIN): 073
* Car Colour: New aluminium B35
* Factory fitted options: seats and 4 point harnesses
* Third Party options/modifications: Nitron, Emerald K6, PRRT but I have also stock shocks/springs and ECU, and even stock tyres, I’m a maniac... :D
* current mileage: 16.000 km
* number of previous owners: 2

Mine was 4 cars later, 077. That one looks great!

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Mine is six cars earlier and apart from black mats on the sill instead of blue ones it nearly looks the same.
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Mines now a slightly different shade of blue

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Thought I would update and confirm that I've been the owner of No. 160 for a the last 3 weeks.

It's standard other then the seats which I've replaced with Tilletts (standards will be stored for re-fitment if I sell). It's back with the dealer having a few electrical gremlins sorted, so I haven't got any good photos of it.

Been wanting one for years, don't know why I left it this long.

ImageIMG_20160830_174434 by fatwomble, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20160826_112001 by fatwomble, on Flickr

ImageIMG_20160904_174141 by fatwomble, on Flickr
S1 Exige No.160 - Azure Blue
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Yu-hu! We got one more S1 Exige in Russia Moscow. Looks absolutely new. New aluminium colour, blue alcantara seats.

Car production number and other info will get later.
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They keep popping up, keep us posted
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Is there anywhere we can see what cars are on the register...Im a new owner but not sure if the previous owner has registered it...happy to add it if it isnt on there.

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This looks interesting, someone is trying to do an S1 Exige register
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