foam air cleaner element

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Any idea where to find one?

Thank you

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Try ITG themselves or Merlin Motorsport? I think it’s called the JC74.

I don’t think they’re very popular as someone tested on the dyno, and they lost power compared to a filter in the intake trunking.
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I hadn't come across dyno data on the JC74, but there was an earlier ITG filter, which was a different shape (filter element pulled down closer to #1 & #4 trumpets) which I recall having concerns expressed as it may have affected airflow into those. I believe the JC74 replaced this earlier version?

My only thought about either is the minimal volume on the 'engine' side and whether this could result in airflow problems if the filter isn't clean. With the OE foam cone filter in the trunking there is at least a much greater volume inboard of the filter element through to the plenum chamber.
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Thank you for the info.
I think I will stay with the conical filter type.

Kind regards
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That part number can no longer be found 😔

Try Yvo at eliseshop in Holland. He bought all the 340R stock off Mark about 2-3 years ago. I got 2 new oem cone sponge filters with the correct rubberised base then.
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