Black Exige S1

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Hi all quick update:
Managed to get a day on the car yesterday - I'm focusing on normal maintenance type stuff and small cosmetic tidy ups this year rather than full rebuild - I just want to enjoy driving it and getting to know it first.

The drivers side inner CV boot had gone (thanks to Bernard and S-express re guidance on sourcing parts), I also extended the heat shield around the CV boot as advised by Bernard (which i gather he did on the later cars),
Drivers seat removed and modified to get it lower - as it is on runners it was too high for me (felt like sitting on top as opposed to in the car - my knees nearly touched the bottom of the steering wheel). I've managed to keep it on runners - I do a little carbon fibre work in my spare time so managed to move it down by about 30mm - doesn't sound much but it is so much nice plus easier to get in and out of).
The brakes now stripped and cleaned. As it's not really been used for a number of years everything is dry and needs a little TLC. Front track rod end boots are both split so a job for this week.
Lastly rear diffuser looks like it has reversed into something. Like an idiot I tried to straighten it and with some careful panel beating all I've done is stretch the aluminium between the spats and now it's bowed and springy - I might make one out of CF but thats for another day.

A few parts needed:
Front clam I'm fairly confident is aftermarket and was really badly fitted (no spacer washers hence couple of cracks on the front where it was sitting on the crash structure underneath). It's missing the grills at the back where the clam meets the door - if anyone knows what they are called and also where I might be able to get some that would be much appreciated.
The car has brake duct cooling at the front which had rubbed through - quick temporary repair job was undertaken (duct tape!). Plus the wheel arches at the front have suffered the same fate at the top - does anyone know where I can get wheel arches these days? or is there an agreed repair method. I suppose i could sikaflex & rivet a piece of plastic over the holes.

I tried to add some pictures but it doesn't seem to load. I'll try to work that out.

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I just attached some shallow take away tubs to the top of the arches to cover the holes, bit of tiger seal. You can fit new liners but they will quickly look the same.
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