308mm AP Racing Discs

Speaks for itself really !
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Up for grabs, AP Racing 308 x 26 discs.
Both Right hand, not a pair although realistically I’m sure you could run them as a pair.

2 x CP3580-1174 CG8
308 x 26R 12B x 190.5 D46 TT

Discs are new, packaging is old and shabby, they’ve been in my garage for a long time.

Usually £325 each
£225 each or £ 400 for the pair

Same as these,

https://www.seriouslylotus.com/braking/ ... isc-rota-s
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Cooling veins are different LH/RH I believe although happy to be proven wrong?

Are they drilled or grooved?
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Toby, you’re absolutely right, both the vanes and groves are handed.
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