s/c kit for my n/a exige s2

Speaks for itself really !
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I toyed with removing the sports cat to see if it helped, i bought it new but it was supposed to be a 200 cell,but wondered if it was restricting it slightly?
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I’d say you’re doing really well for a NA motor at present - to get much more (particularly if you’re into torque) then your plan of supercharging sounds like the only sane way forwards :)

My KAAZ close ratio box makes mine feel punchier in all gears - it’s obviously bound to have that effect - but you need to change gears more often…
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An internet-friend has recently supercharged an NA car, not with an MP62 but using a TVS1320 from SSC in Aus.
what kind of extra import costs did he incur? i need to find out the bottom line/total costs to convert
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