Throttle Cable for VHPD S1 Elise/Exige

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Hi Guys
in the middle of my conversion and i'm looking for a throttle cable to work with my VHPD thrttle bodies. The current elise one is too short. They are listed as a factory order, i couldn't see any on EP, are there any other suppliers for them?

thanks Dom
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Lol how many times am I going to help? 😂

I have the VHPD throttle cable and swan neck complete from the 340R here.

Email me a list of what else you can think of. :)
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Search seanB throttle. about 2015, Sean posted a simple modification so you can use an S2 cable.
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harvey340r wrote: Thu Apr 07, 2022 10:09 am Search seanB throttle. about 2015, Sean posted a simple modification so you can use an S2 cable.
That will be the mod carried out buy John (JDS) from JSRacing. (Now running the SL technical operation) Will get him to comment...
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Actually Sean did it few years before I moved up, but have done a few since.
You need parts 71, 67a, 63a and 38a, from here ... upid=13032 although it looks like 67a is no longer available. I have 1 here that we are thinking about getting copied, or just make a new bracket.
There are a couple of gotchas though. You need to do something with the bonnet release, as 71 fits where the S1 bonnet release is - we normally move it to the passenger side and use a longer release cable from MSAR. The inner cable is just long enough, but it needs some thought as to where to mount 67a on the pedal, or you run out of adjustment and the cable holds the throttle open, although this depends on the throttle bodies you have fitted.
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